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Bonebag Vintage/
Apparel Wholesaler
Industrial vibes meet throwback colour for this company sourcing vintage clothing from the USA to sell to British vintage stores.



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brand elements

brand elements

We entered the collaboration in the very infancy of the business, which allowed us to set the right tone from the start. As the style of vintage clothing can vary widely based on the decade, we chose to focus on the wholesaler aspect with an industrial warehouse vibe. This allowed flexibility with industrial colours (black & red) and vintage ochre and tan tones to coordinate with everything from 60s patterned shirts to neon 90s.

The typography is based on a lo-tech printer developed in the 60s. It’s rough and mid-century modern and plays nicely with an early computer style font from another decade.


the vintage business is all about one-offs and so is this business card design. a variety of imagery and products are featured on the back of the cards providing a degree of customisation. A customer interested in ordering jeans can be given a denim card as a prompt to place an order.

We created a system of illustrations and posters for signage and pricing. These could be printed cheaply on oversized paper and pasted high up on the warehouse walls. This allowed customers to shop independently and reduced repetitive questions for the staff.

illustrations for signage

illustrations for signage

“Brittany is a great collaborator and always takes our ideas and turns them into something much better than we had ever envisioned. I wouldnt’ hesitate to work with her again.

– jez dixon | owner bonebag vintage + bestdays vintage

Brittany worked alongside us when we were just starting up our business and produced some stunning design work that we continue to use 6 years later. Brittany is a great
collaborator and always takes our ideas and turns them into something much better than we had ever envisioned
. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again.

Jez dixon/owner bonebag vintage + bestdays vintage


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print design | beckon.
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