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Boden/ British Clothing Co.
As famous for its colourful patterned clothing as itquirky approach to marketing and direct mail. Every touchpoint–whether online or offline–focuses on being a little unexpected, creating smiles and staying out of the junk mail pile.



digital experience

pr design

now for something a little…unexpected

How do you bring butterflies to a customer when they are only experiencing the brand through a website or a catalogue? We developed strategies, ideas and designs behind blue sky events and launches while also working on small everyday delights like small gifts tucked into catalogues or inside order parcels. We designed invitations, lookbooks, and social media graphics for events like press days, pop-up shops and festivals, while also developing creative campaigns around seasons, calendar events or ‘just because’.

Vintage Seaside with a side of sweets for this London & NYC press events

It began with a sweet striped, scallopped, letterpressed invitation in a glassine envelope. From there, the vibe carried through to lookbooks, boxes and even an illustrated ice cream cart (which yes, was filled with ice cream).

redefining coupons

Why waste time on a coupon that will be thrown away when you can send an illustrated thank you letter with a gift card attached? This followup, for first time customers, encouraged a second purchase and proved to be a popular piece of engagement with great uptake.

How does a British company speak to an American audience…without losing its accent?

Both countries speak English, but a lot can be lost in the translation between the US and UK. With such an opportunity for growth, it’s essential it’s handled well and the brand personality of  British quirks and eccentricities isn’t watered down into just another American company. We gave art direction and strategy in interesting ways such as ’49 ways to say  British without using a Union Jack’, to help bridge the gap between the countries whilst capitalising on the unique traits.

redefining the meaning of ‘direct mail’ with a full personalised catalogue

We leveraged new technology to create a unique love story timeline between the brand and the customer, including dynamic elements like the first item they purchased.This was a real conversation starter!


sweeter response

disruptive marketing catalogue covers were tested against covers with more traditional catalogue product photography. The result? The marketing covers increased response by up to 30%.


sweeter response

disruptive marketing catalogue covers were tested against covers with more traditional product photography. The result? The marketing coers increased response by up to 30%.

Spreading smiles through small gifts in parcels, like These finger puppets

modern + traditional clash

modern + traditional clash

What will get noticed in the sea of invitations journalists receive for press events? A screen printed invitation on plexiglass that is hand delivered in a screenprinted brown paper bag. This Press day’s eclectic theme layered modern typography and materials such as acetate, neon and plexiglass against backdrops of traditional florals,  old books and vintage paintings.


design & art direction | brittany hurdle of beckon.
illustrations | brittany hurdle of beckon./ laura price bates / wayne pate
concept collaboration | Andrew Syer/ amanda macmillan
PR | Emma McCappin/ Josie Carol /   Lisa Field
personalised printing | howard hunt